Why a “European co-operation of breeders with lories, hanging and fig parrots”.

  • Building a healthy gene-pool and assuring the future of these species in our aviaries.
    • Clarifying which species of birds and in what number they remain in captivity.
    • Information about the different species of lori’s, hanging and fig parrots.
    • Information about feeding, keeping, illnesses, treatment and breeding.

It is only possible to treasure these beautifull birds in our aviaries if we start working together on an international basis.

You can become a member of the European Lory Breeders when you own these beautifull species.

The membership to the European Lory Breeders is free.

You can contact us by email: info@Loribreeders.com


The European Loribreeders has been founded by Peter de Wilde in February 2006.

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