The European loribreeders meeting 2019

We would like to organize another meeting in September 2019.
It will be in the same weekend as the Zwolle birdmarket 21 + 22-09-2019.

We want to have the grill/barbeque and some presentations on Saturday evening and more presentations on Sunday morning.
We want to end around noon on Sunday so that most breeders from other countries can still return home on Sunday.
My idea is that we could do the presentations from Saturday evening again on the Sunday afternoon.

We would like to have a sale of Loris also this weekend.
Anyone that would like to show some of his loris is welcome also.

Any suggestions about the meeting are welcome.
I spoke to some breeders and we would also like to have an open discussion.
For this I will need topics so that we can prepare something in advance.
So anyone is welcome to give subjects that we can discusse about.

We are also looking for people to give a presentation. Concerning our Lorikeets of course.

Peter Kreis will tell something about his trip to Indonesia. He went to several places and also went to the island of Talaud for the Eos histrio.
In the past he also went to see the Trichoglossus rubiginosus and hopefully he can show something from that trip also.

Acces will only be for members.

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