DNA – analysys by “birdgenetics”.

DNA laboratorium
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Welcome to Bird Genetics – by Gert van Dooren


About us:

Our company Bird Genetics has a modern laboratory. We examine DNA from birds.

The DNA of the bird is located in the point of bird feathers. This DNA is analyzed. With the PCR technique we can look at specific parts of the DNA, such as sex.

Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment to perform DNA analyzes. The laboratory work is done with the utmost care and accuracy.

Our list of bird species has been extended. We have already successfully analyzed a large number of bird species. Besides parrots and parakeets, we also analyze toucans, pigeons, touraco, cardinal-like, partridges, pheasants, passerinas, songbirds, seabirds, crow-like, starlings, thrushes, birds of prey, owls and ratites.

Bird Genetics: For sex determination / the sex of your birds.

Your birds ♂ or ♀ ?
Bird Genetics determines the sex of your birds.
We analyze DNA in our own laboratory.

Our list of bird species analyzed is very extensive and continues to grow.
We have already successfully tested hunderds of bird varieties.

Select the desired sex determination
Sex determination with Certificate

You will receive the results by mail and a unique, official gender certificate by mail.
You will receive a separate certificate for each bird.

With this certificate you can prove that your birds have been sexed by means of DNA research.

Sex determination without Certificate


You will only receive the results by mail, you will not receive a unique, official sex certificate.
The DNA results are listed in tabular form in your mail box.